VWG offers industrial grade guar for oil and gas drilling & hydraulic fracturing. Our industrial grade guar gum reaches the maximum viscosity range available today and slurries well. 

-FHG 3540

-FHG 4045

-FHG 4550


VWG offers Guaran Brand food grade guar gum in every viscosity, including hard-to-source 100 mesh guar gum powder. All food grade guar comes with international standards ISO, HACCP, Kosher and Halal certifications. 

-GGP 200 MESH 3500 CPS

-GGP 200 MESH 5000 CPS

-GGP 200 MESH 6000 CPS

-GGP 200 MESH 7000 CPS

-GGP 100 MESH 3500 CPS

-GGP 100 MESH 5000 CPS

guar seeds.jpg

VWG also provides odorless, tasteless and de-polymerized guar according to the customers specification. VWG can also provide low viscosity guar with a viscosity range from 10 cps to 1000 cps. Technical specification data sheets are available upon request.

VWG also provides refined guar splits de-husked from 90% to 95% with a very high viscosity range from 7500-9000 cps.