About VWG

I founded VWG, LLC not as a business but as a favor to a friend. 

In the spring of 2015 an old friend and vendor contacted me and asked me to source psyllium husk for him. It was a market I knew well and I was happy to help except I was working as a sales manager in another industry at the time. 

I offered to give him a referral, but his answer was no. He wanted me to do it. I was the one he trusted. 

That’s when I started VWG after getting permission from my boss. At that time it was just to help a friend source high quality psyllium. The rest is history. 

The next year I left my job to dedicate myself completely to VWG, and that first full year we topped $2 million in sales. We’ve added new products to meet our customer’s demands. 

At WVG we have a different approach to the sale. We grow by focusing on helping clients solve their problems and offering what they actually want to buy. 

We will source new and hard to find products, not simply push the products we have. We pride ourselves on representing top manufacturers who are otherwise not well represented in the US market. 

Our pricing is always competitive and we offer payment terms to every credit-worthy client. 

About the owner: 

My name is Aaron Neely and I am the owner of VWG. I left full-time military service in 2011 to start a business career. 

I founded VWG in 2015 to sell psyllium husk to one customer. Since 2015 VWG has since grown into a company with a portfolio of products and millions of dollars in annual sales. 

I am a retired U.S. Army National Guard Captain and company commander. I am a combat veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

I work from home on my farm in Iowa. 

I maintain a blog where I write mostly about sales and marketing techniques, and I am writing my first book that will be published in 2020.